Couples Counseling

Relationship therapy doesn't always necessarily mean there's an ongoing crisis taking place between two people. In fact, many couples opt for counseling in order to meet each other in a safe, non-judgemental space as equals and strengthen their relationship and friendship overall. In relationship therapy, the focus is on creating a safe environment where everyone has the right to openly communicate and share their feelings without the fear of being attacked or judged. Counseling can last anywhere from a few weeks to years, depending on the situation of the couple.

$ 40 per hour

Roles in the relationship

Sometimes the roles in the relationship can be unequally distributed, or even realized in the first place, leading to built-up tension and unhappiness.

In couple counseling, we work to understand how and why both parties view the different roles, and how it affects the relationship overall.


What is it good for?

Beliefs and values

Oftentimes, the beliefs and values people have stem from their childhood and past experiences, and when they don't align within the relationship, miscommunication can happen.

Together with a therapist, couples can work towards gaining a clear perspective into each others' beliefs and values.




Get help wherever you are

On top of face-to-face counseling, we also offer online therapy for anyone and everyone. Ask about our hybrid packages that include both in-person and online therapy.