Hands-On Strategies for Early Childhood Education

I'm so excited to share my recent interview with you all! I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Elementary STEM Coach Podcast, hosted by Naomi Meredith, where we discussed the challenges of teaching young children STEM. I shared some of my fun and easy-to-implement hands-on strategies that can be helpful for educators and parents alike. Whether you're an early childhood educator, parent, or someone who is simply interested in teaching young children about STEM, I highly recommend that you tune in to this episode. It's full of fun and easy-to-implement strategies that I believe will be very helpful for anyone working with young children. Thanks for listening!

Resources mentioned in the episode
Website : Naomi Meredith
Email : edu@ispyr.com
Instagram : @IspyrToEducate
Instagram : @MarciaNicole

Episode 18