Why ECEs are Leaving the Field

Early childhood education is a critical field that shapes children's futures and lays the foundation for lifelong learning. However, the field is facing a crisis of turnover, with educators leaving at an alarming rate. In this episode, we explore the challenges that educators face, the impact of this turnover on children, families, and communities, and practical solutions for retaining more educators in the field.
In this episode of the Inspiring ECE Podcast, we dive into the alarming rate at which early childhood educators are leaving the field. Despite the crucial role they play in laying the foundation for children's lifelong learning and shaping their futures, many educators face challenges that make it difficult to continue in their careers. We explore the reasons behind this crisis of turnover, hear personal stories, and offer practical tips and strategies for retaining educators in the field and supporting those who have left but still want to contribute to the community.

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Episode 12