Group therapy

Group therapy helps individuals work through and address their problems by interacting with a group of people with similar struggles, led by a therapist.
Group therapy offers a safe and confidential setting for sharing personal feelings, experiences, thoughts, and issues while making it possible for each individual to receive feedback and support from others. The role of the therapist during group therapy lessons focuses on facilitating the conversation through various therapeutic approaches. Sometimes, group therapy can be used to offer educational lectures or workshops on different coping mechanisms, if the group so wishes. Most often group therapy sessions are 60-120 minutes and consist of 6-12 members and one or two therapists. Depending on the needs of the individuals, groups may meet weekly, bi-weekly or once a month.

$ 20 per hour

Cognitive-behavioral groups

These groups focus on addressing issues like anxiety, stress management, and trauma, among others, through various cognitive behavioral therapy methods. The aim of these groups is to rewire the way you approach different feelings.

Our CBT groups are very popular and proven successful in treatment of eating disorders, addiction problems, and other disorders.


What is it good for?

Interpersonal groups

These groups focus on developing, addressing, and correcting different interpersonal behavioral patterns that can lead to conflict and distress in everyday life.

We use various communicational and behavioral approaches in these groups, depending on the needs of the participants.




Get help wherever you are

On top of face-to-face counseling, we also offer online therapy for anyone and everyone. Ask about our hybrid packages that include both in-person and online therapy.